We pride our selves in quality and fast delivery. Everything we do ensures that you may enjoy those special moments or help you send joy to loved ones. From the moment we dip to when we deliver – your joy is our mission.


From picked to dipped to perfected. Every item is hand made to order and we even customize with yummy flavours as well as various toppings. We guarantee the quality of each individual edible treat and finish it off with great presentation – perfect for those last minute gift ideas.


Our team handpicks each fruit to ensure every order is up to the highest standards. We head to the fruit markets at early dawn so that when you wake up and make your order it’s the best fruit in town and most importantly the freshest.


We all love a late night treat – which is why we offer 60 minute delivery until the early hours of the morning! Our drivers deliver with care and our cars keep your treats nicely chilled ready for enjoyment.

  1. We wrap your treats by hand with packaging that protects them from bumps in the roads.
  2. We decorate our packaging with playful prints and messaging to make you feel extra special.
  3. We take the fast lane and ship your gift express so it arrives fresh, delicious and on time.
  4. We currently only deliver in the Dubai and charge 7 AED per delivery.